Upholding Human Rights

Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Limited as one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh respects people and carries on its business practices maintaining ethics. The Company strongly believes in protecting human rights and avoids infringing on the human rights of others; as such any complaint in regard to violation of human rights is strongly dealt by the concerned departments of the Company keeping in mind both domestic and international human rights protocols.

The Company always works to avoid any situation which may create any adverse impact to human rights and also address such issues promptly if they occur.

The Company further focuses on preventing and mitigating adverse human rights impacts which are directly linked to its business operations, products or services provided through business relationships, even if they do not contribute to those impacts. In furtherance of which, the HR Manual of the Company is practiced throughout to implement all the guidelines stated within it.

The Company in respect to human rights conducts regular due diligence to ensure that the human rights are protected and no infringements to human rights are taking place both inside the Company also in business relationships with its domestic and international contractual partners. In addition, in case of any conflict between domestic and international human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) will be given preference at all times.

Since its inception till date, the Company proudly states that no report or complaint of infringement to human rights has taken place. Nevertheless, the Company has a Harassment Complaint Committee in force to investigate and take necessary measures immediately in case any such infringement to human rights occurs. The Harassment Complaint Committee has a detailed procedure to resolve such issues and also generates reports stating suggestions to combat and prevent any such occurrence in the future.